Matrix is's official Matrix homeserver.

You can register a user account on this homeserver using any Matrix client, no email required. However, you do not need to be a member of this homeserver to join our channels, and choosing a smaller instance or hosting your own will help promote decentralization and performance in the Matrix fediverse!

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Code of Conduct

We typically only moderate our own channels, but if any of our users are being offensive in other channels don't hesitate to contact us.

  1. Be nice, respectful and constructive. Use common sense.
  2. No piracy, spam, hate speech, brigading, gore, doxing, racism and any kind of discrimination.
  3. No illegal content. Obviously.
  4. Please use the english language unless the channel specifies otherwise.

The administration team reserves the right to make any moderation-related decisions for any reason.

Connection Information

To register on or connect to our homeserver, simply use as the homeserver in your Matrix client.

Do not use or as your homeserver. You do not need to change your identity server, in fact is the only functional one, by design.

If you don't have a client, you're welcome to use our Riot install to connect, and connection details will be filled in automatically

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is chat encrypted?

No. Messages sent to the #general chat are encrypted from with client-to-server encryption, i.e. HTTPS. This means that your messages can't be viewed by an attacker on your network, or your ISP, etc. However, because this is a public chat room anybody can view your messages if they are a member, and newcomers will be able to see all message history. Do not say anything in rooms that don't use End-to-End (E2E) encryption that you wouldn't want tied to you personally.

Isn't Matrix behind Cloudflare? is, isn't. If you use our homeserver and our Riot install, you should be good.

What happens when I remove a message in Riot?

Your homeserver will send a removal request for that message and some clients will render it as a black line, but by editing the source it's possibly for homeserver to not respect it and do nothing. If the room is bridged to protocols that don't support message removals (IRC, XMPP), their users see nothing happening. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to remain in the chat forever.

Why do XMPP users keep joining and leaving all the time?

It's an issue with the XMPP bridge.


To join a channel, just type /join [channel name] in any room. You can run this command from any server, not just ours!

The administration operates the following channels:

If you're looking for more things to chat about, check out these channels too:

If you are a room operator and want your channel listed here, feel free to contact us. Especially if you operate a large room and/or are a member of our homeserver!

We do not necessarily endorse any of the content in these listed channels.


For server related issues, the administrator of this homeserver is Jonah, who can be reached on Matrix at or via email at

For moderation related issues, you can contact Jonah or anyone in the community on Matrix.

For anything else, visit